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  • Where do I start when I am writing about Andrea and how she has supported me along this journey… Let me try and give you a small insight in what Andrea has been able to provide me. I first came across Andreas page when I was at a very low point in my life. I had done 3 rounds of IVF and had 1 transfer with the lovely diagnosis of…. unexplained infertility. I thought what else do I have to loose, so I contacted Andrea who promptly replied to me and we initiated contact firstly over messenger to see how we both felt working together. Once we totally got hooked on talking with one another we arranged a call. I had previously sent her all my relevant tests that had been conducted over the time. It was like a breath of fresh air.. she began our discussion on sharing so openly about her struggles she has had in her life which made it so relieving to be able to speak to someone who really understands as she has been right where I was. As you can see I could type about Andrea for ages.. but long story short, we worked closely together from egg collection to pick up, to transfer giving me advice and asking questions every single day that I could take to my doctors and challenge them with… within a few weeks I found out I was pregnant with TWINS!!!!! Believe me, that discussion of putting two viable embryos back was something we discussed in length.
    First trimester I was a nervous wreck… I have been through 3 miscarriages prior, so I was so nervous but there was never a silly question for Andrea or ever did I feel like she didn't want to be right by my side throughout this anxious time.
    Sitting here now, I am 25 weeks pregnant with twins. Feeling HUGE and still forever anxious about the small things that I feel. I jump on my phone and message Andrea who always provides me with a honest, trustworthy opinion of what is going on.
    I can't wait to jump into the next trimester with Andrea assisting me every step of the way. I will be sure to write another testimonial about the wonderful Andrea once my miracles appear come February!

    -Tori Australia

    Andrea came into our lives as we struggled to start our family and she was a breath of fresh air. She empathized with us like no other medical provider had and it felt good knowing she understood our pain. She spent a lot of time asking questions about ourselves first and really got to know us on a personal level, as well as got to know our history. She was able to get us on a healthy regimen and coached us towards next steps in trying to conceive. She was extremely knowledgeable and always there to answer all of our many questions. She was very attentive and always made herself available to us at any time. If you are thinking of giving of hope on starting your own family, contact Andrea first. We are so happy we did and we are now expecting our miracle baby in a few short months thanks to her constant support and advice.
    -J.C. California

    Far beyond Andrea’s extreme professionalism and knowledge she has a huge heart of gold! Andrea makes you feel like a person and not a number or dollar sign. She is truly a breath of fresh air when it comes to how knowledgeable she is in western medicine, wholistic healing and remedies. She is honest and hard working. She is truly a kind soul who genuinely cares not just about your physical health but your spiritual and emotional being as well! She is truly a diamond in the ruff and is worth more than gold! If you are seeking a warrior who will fight with you from personal experiences and through her incredibly amazing gift of knowledge ANDREA is your health care advocate! Her education, background and love for people is truly a rare find! I have no regrets working with her and recommend her 100%!
    -Emily Texas



    Andrea filled in the gaps, where nobody else would or could! I was new to working at a Fertility Surgery Center and didn’t know the journey I had ahead for myself, both professionally and personally.

    When I soon learned that my Endometriosis had destroyed 80% of my ovarian tissue, Andrea stepped in and took over coordinating my case with such a genuine care and sense of urgency. It was as if I was her blood-related sister, and it was her personal mission, to get me pregnant. On top of being intensely intelligent, she had an angelic enthusiasm and peaceful touch, that was one-in-a-million. She sat with me at all consults with the doctor and took copious notes. After the consult, she took time to summarize what we went over, answer the enormous amount of questions that each new finding brought, and created a new timeline and game-plan. She was so thorough with her explanations and also gave examples of other patient outcomes and her own personal experience and outcomes. She was so great about asking how I felt about a certain decision before simply giving her opinion about something. With the data from the doctor, summarizing test results with her, and weighing out the different options to proceed, we would create new game-plans, which gave me HOPE and COMFORT, throughout the whole process.


    Even when my procedures and IVF cycles, continued to give decreased hope for a biologic child of my own, I had peace with having the knowledge that Andrea provided, and the encouragement and emotional support from her, was PRICELESS!!


    Often times, Fertility Specialists have so much information that they cannot possibly give all the details to every patient, nor would most patients understand the complex details, of which they make their decisions on. Because I work in healthcare and patient care, I am very interested in every detail and every test result, which dictated my treatment protocol. From the beginning, Andrea made it very easy to identify the main factors to pay attention to and to understand why I was on the protocols, I was on. I have found, as a woman, knowledge is power, and we can conquer anything, when given all the details to sort through. It’s when we’re left in the dark, that we don’t do so well. So many times, I heard patients say that they felt like they were just a number and doing all of these steps, but weren’t given “the big picture’ until the very end. Andrea made it a point to explain the process and the “why” behind each lab and test. And, even more importantly, she exudes positivity that forces your mind to stay healthy and balanced, while going through all the many tests and consults.


    We need more personalized, detailed, and skilled Fertility Nurses, Coordinators, and Consultants, like Andrea. She has walked the journey side-by-side thousands of couples, and the care she freely gives, is a true gift that I know she has been blessed with. She has taken her own, incredible journey, and turned her trials and tragedy into a gift, to help countless men and women. She treats every patient as family and has an intense passion to pour into these women her knowledge, love, encouragement, and guidance.

    -Nicole C.





    Andrea was assigned as my IVF coordinator in August 2016 when I first became a client of a world renown facility.


    She did an amazing job with all the preparation work and guidance; I felt in good and caring hands, she was constantly walking the extra mile and even helped me get back the belief to become a mother.


    Later on I was assigned to another IVF coordinator and felt the difference very soon after. I started getting responses with a big delay and had to go back to Andrea to get a timely response and make sure everything is on track and we are not missing anything. I was amazed by the fact that she was always available and ready to help in a compassionate and warm-hearted way. The contrast in the service was so big that I decided to send a letter to the manager and ask for a change.


    Honestly, I was not satisfied with the overall experience I had with the fertility center. The only person that differentiated was Andrea Blindt. I would highly recommend her as an RN for your care - she is very professional and even more, she works with heart.

    -Iva Colorado

    Andrea was my nurse during the time I was planning treatment with Dr. Potter. She was very hands on and made sure every step was explained. During the most stressful time of your life, you need a person that is experienced and is very empathetic with your situation. Andrea did just that. Not only was she always available for questions, she also gave me her cell number to text her with questions and concerns.

    Andrea has an incredible eye for detail and planning with a get it done attitude. She is professional, caring and always striving for excellence. As a patient I have the most amount of respect for her and would definitely recommend her to anyone.

    -P.D. New York


    Thank you so much for the wonderful care I received during the past nine months while I was under your fertility treatment.

    As a patient with fertility treatment, I was struggling with stress both physically and mentally. I was lucky to have Andrea coordinating my care and treatment, giving me help and support. Whenever I asked questions, she always responded promptly; whenever I requested to talk to her, she always called back timely. Andrea's professionalism and kindness have advanced my treatment smoothly and efficiently.

    I recommend Andrea for her excellent work and care. I wish you all the best for your future endeavors, and know you will be in the best care if you work with Andrea.

    -P.H. Florida


    I’ve been working with Andrea for a little over a year now, and I can’t recommend her enough! Not only is she thoughtful and compassionate, she has the utmost respect for you and her professionalism is unmatched.She takes care to the next level from all the providers I’ve seen along my fertility journey. She wants to dig into the WHY rather than trying to use a template for your care. She thoroughly reviews where you’ve been and works with you in hopes to get you the ultimate goal. She truly does care, and will walk this journey along side you. In addition to being your biggest advocate, she is your biggest cheerleader, encouraging you and providing support in the best way that suits your needs.
    Andrea will work alongside you and your providers to ensure all angles are explored and no stone is left unturned when it comes to your care. She is thoughtful and goes above and beyond the call of duty for you, her patient. Andrea truly cares for you and your whole family, providing knowledgeable advice and guidance. I would highly recommend Andrea if you are seeking an advocate who will do everything she can to help you towards your goals, whether that be fertility or otherwise.
    -Jessica Georgia


    I worked with Andrea last summer when I was getting fertility work up done. From start to finish, Andrea was a great support. She was on top of all the details, from getting my initial paperwork and insurance information cleared, to getting my first appointment scheduled and everything in between. I appreciated her quick response back to me as soon as my lab tests were available, and she explained the abnormal ones to me. My levels were off and she quickly ordered the correct medication for me to start taking and called it into my pharmacy right away. She was available all the time via text, and would respond almost immediately if I had a question or concern about something that was going on. If she was unable to answer something not in her department, she got me over to the correct person right away. I was very happy with the care and concern I received from Andrea. This field of infertility is very tough emotionally and physically, and it was so great to feel supported through it all. I couldn’t have asked for a better nurse to look after my care.

    -C.D. California



    Without Andrea, I would not have the two most perfect and beautiful babies that I have today.

    She stepped into my infertility journey at a crucial time- when we were finally considering the option of in vitro fertilization. Andrea offered guidance that I didn’t even know I needed. She reviewed the entirety of both my husband’s and my medical records, and was able to quickly spot important details that had previously been overlooked and provide a recommendation that seemed much more result-focused than anything else we had tried.

    My IVF journey included countless hurdles, including a failed egg retrieval, hospitalization, a failed transfer, a D&C, and a scar tissue removal procedure to prepare my uterus for what would finally be the transfer that stuck. Going through infertility and IVF was by far the hardest thing I have gone through in life. I am a planner and detail-oriented person, and it felt like I had no control over what my body was doing or what was going to happen next.

    Having Andrea by my side gave me a sense of reassurance and support that words cannot describe.


    I am so thankful to have two healthy toddlers now, and I firmly believe that I would not be able to say that without Andrea

    -Samantha California


    I first met Andrea when she was working with my fertility doctor. She was so quick to reply to questions and concerns. She never even hesitated to just reach out and say that she was there for me. Having been on the fertility roller coaster for years prior to this, I was pleasantly surprised to find this level of personal treatment. It is so very rare in the fertility world. Then imagine my surprise when I learned that Andrea was not only super dedicated, she was also on bed rest with her own high-risk pregnancy. She devoted so much time to me—at all hours and via phone and email—despite her own circumstances. She is one of a kind! In fact, when she left the practice to venture out on her own, I left too! The quality of patient care was markedly less after Andrea left. She is knowledgeable and compassionate. She’s walked this fertility road herself and understands the heartbreak women face as well as the joy. She is a true gift to the fertility world, which is often filled with fear, confusion and overwhelm. She’s definitely the light that helps guide families to their babies.
    -K.K. California



    I cannot say enough good things about Andrea! She is like a best friend, always there and willing to offer help in your most needed times. She is very kind, caring, uplifting and will help you immensely on your journey to health, whatever that might be! For me it is helping my Sweet, Precious, Perfect, 6 year old daughter that was diagnosed last year with a tumor on her brainstem with no cure and no great conventional treatment options. She has been there for me researching when I can’t, saying uplifting words to me when I need them the most, and above all she is just genuine.
    She has a wealth of knowledge in allopathic and homeopathic fields, essential oils, diet, supplements, anything health you can think of. She has a passion to serve that is undeniable to anyone. If you are looking for someone to help you on your journey to health, she is the person you want by your side. I am forever grateful for what she has done for me and my family

    -Ashley Tennessee



    This is a testimonial for a wonderful nurse and woman, whom with her love and care helped our family through the hardest journey of our lives.

    We first met Andrea when our Daughter Zoey was diagnosed with stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma and placed on the oncology floor at Childrens Hospital Orange. Zoey was 15 years old and her life had just been turned upside down with a cancer diagnosis. Andrea was the first nurse assigned to us. Zoey took to her immediately because of her warmth and understanding. Andrea helped us settle in and answered a million questions, she was a guardian Angel who helped us navigate a very hard time in our life. Not only is She an excellent nurse with amazing knowledge of her field, but she gives a piece of her heart to every patient that has been blessed to have her in their life. Andrea was with us through many hard to navigate journeys in our walk with childhood cancer, not only with her knowledge, and her unwavering patience, but her love and concern. She was always available to answer questions, hold a hand, dry our tears, give hugs, advocate our rights but most importantly to be our friend. Something you need when you are being treated at a hospital that is three hours from your home and that hospital has become your home. Andrea was there for us during all the hard things, the test, the med changes, the doctor talk and strange side effects and even sitting in so a very tired mother could sneak off for a shower. Her love and dedication to Zoey as her patient and me the very tired and scared mother was a gift from God and she will always be loved and honored by our family. If you are blessed enough to have Andrea for a nurse or caregiver, you have been given a special angel from God.
    -Pam Ross



    I met Andrea in 2017 when we learned that my wife, Cindy, had been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Over the course of Cindy’s battle with this debilitating disease, Andrea visited her often, both in hospital and then when she was sent home under hospice care. On every occasion, Andrea showered her with overwhelming love and compassion, encouraging her with Bible scriptures and tender words of inspiration and hope. She brought Cindy essential oils, including a diffuser to fill her room with healing and relaxing aromas; she caringly massaged the oils onto Cindy’s hands until she drifted off to a peaceful sleep. As a Registered Nurse, Andrea gave us welcome guidance and support in understanding and processing the many Doctors’ diagnoses and prescriptions. She encouraged me to constantly embrace, comfort and whisper loving words to my beloved wife and soul mate, notwithstanding the daunting and heart- wrenching circumstances facing us.


    All this, despite demands on Andrea at the same time to tend to the needs of her recently-born, special-needs twins! This was the kind, considerate and sensitive Andrea that I came to know.


    After Cindy passed on October 7, 2017, Andrea reached out to me regularly to encourage and help me overcome the grief of my loss; she helped in planning Cindy’s Celebration of Life ceremony.


    Andrea is the epitome of compassion, dedication and self-sacrificial love, and I would not hesitate to vouch for the integrity, capabilities and inner beauty of this amazing woman.

    I shall forever be in her debt.



    Sunset Beach California

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