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    Hi! Andrea here :) I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself to you.


    I'm a momma to 6 sweet babes... (2 who live in heaven, and 4 who are alive and full of joy and energy earth-side). I am married to the best man I have ever known! Seriously he is my dream boat. We live in sunny California where I enjoy playing with my kids; writing, reading and being outdoors. I love feeling the sun on my face and the air in my lungs.

    I'm a registered nurse with over a decade of experience under my belt. I specialize in integrative holistic wellness with an emphasis on fertility; lifestyle, pediatrics and end of life care. I work with people through any stage in life.

    I am certified in Healing Touch Therapy, aroma touch massage and Neurophysical testing. These modalities allow me to create a custom plan for each client uniquely using muscle testing to locate the root cause of many illnesses. I enjoy performing therapies on hospice patients as well as anyone who can use a loving touch and a reduction in stress. I incorporate pure therapeutic grade essential oils, physical touch and Neuro-emotional remedies that aid in healing the mind body and soul. I love learning and growing myself so that I can better serve the people I work with. I am currently training in RTT, rapid transformational therapy technique in order to help my clients locate and move through limiting beliefs and reach their highest potentials in life.

    As a nurse, whole body health was always a priority to me, but I truly started my journey towards educating myself and others on better health after the passing of my twins. That earth-shattering devastation led me to look towards natural alternatives to get myself back on track. After my twins died I was sent home from the hospital with a handful of pharmaceuticals for anxiety, depression, and insomnia. I knew I didn't want to live my life under a cloud masking my pain. I knew I needed to find a way to heal all of me so that I could live the life I was designed to live. So that I could raise my living children and also be the best wife possible after such tragedy. I knew I needed a more natural solution, so I tried all types of natural therapies and essential oils at health stores and online with no success. I was frustrated, heartbroken and desperate for a new path, and when I couldn't find one I made my own. From CBT and traditional talk therapy to essential oils, homeopathy and energy medicine I was able to began healing myself from the inside and out. I largely attribute the quality of my life to these tools, and that is what has given me such a passion to spread this knowledge and to help as many people as I possibly can.

    I am a dedicated researcher and love learning new things. While working in the hospital setting I received a research grant and was able to study holistic medicine. This allowed me to expand my knowledge of natural therapies and overall wellness. Between that education, my own personal daily use, and my background as a registered nurse, I truly am an expert in these fields.

    I use holistic remedies; particularly nutritious foods; vitamins, essential oils, bach flower and homeopathy, with my family daily. From cuts, rashes, emotions and illnesses that my children acquire, to maintaining my health and energy levels, with daily vitamins and homeopathic therapies that absorb into your body on a cellular level, these practices keep me and my family healthy and thriving.

    I have also helped hundreds of families get pregnant and grow their miracles through my fertility knowledge and experience. Having been through infertility myself; undergoing both IUI and IVF cycles, and working alongside a world renowned fertility doctor for years, I take advantage of that background and enhance it with emotional and holistic supplements to help yearning families achieve their dreams of becoming parents.

    With my past of losing two children and also working with children battling cancer at Children's Hospital of Orange County, I have a heart for those who are suffering. I have used essential oils to give aroma touch massages to people on hospice and in great discomfort due to medical conditions, such as cancer, with tremendous results. After one such massage, an oncology patient on hospice, with a few days to live, spoke and smiled for the first time in a month. This moment of joy that the patient's family experienced will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

    My passion is to continue touching lives by helping families grow their own miracles, enhancing the quality of life for terminal patients and their families, and helping mothers and fathers who have babies with terminal diagnoses find the hope and courage to keep moving forward. I do so with the use of homeopathy, my medical background, doTERRA essential oils; and my personal experience with infertility and loss.


    My experiences have allowed me to be an expert in these fields as I can personally relate to them, and I feel called to share my light with you, so that you don't need to wander in the darkness any longer. You are not alone, reach out today!

    Schedule a consultation with me today to start growing your own miracles in life.

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